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Eje Connect is a brain work of 6 talented, energetic and passionate young programmers who saw the need to make blood and blood products available to the public and reduce deaths that result from unavailabilty of blood .

How The Platform Works


Register as a donor

You need to complete a very simple registration form. Which contains all required contact information.


Get matched to a recepient

You will be alerted when someone in your area needs blood



The recepient gets in touch with you to start the donation process.


Save a life

And You are our hero. You will forever live in your recepient memory


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Happy Recipients

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Donor Feedback

I proudly donate blood on a regular basis because it gives others something they desperately need to survive. Just knowing I can make a difference in someone else’s life makes me feel great!

Mike Okonkwo

Donor Feedback

I have been a donor since high school. Although I have not been a donor every year, I always want to give to the human race. I love to help others! Moreover it gives a real peace in my mind.

Moses Akande

Recipient Feedback

You gave me new life. I'm very grateful to you my donor.

Jane Jane
Lagos, Nigeria


Latest comments from users and news

latest news

Blood Connects Us All in a Soul

April 4, 2017   10 Comments
In many countries, demand exceeds supply, and blood services face the challenge of making blood available for patient.
latest news

Give Blood and Save Lives

April 4, 2017   10 Comments
To save a life, you don’t need to use muscle. By donating just one unit of blood, you can save three lives or even several lives.
latest news

Why Should I donate Blood ?

April 4, 2017   10 Comments
Blood is the most precious gift that anyone can give to another person.Donating blood not only saves the life also donors.
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